Programs & Services

Children come to the Center when a report has been made to either law enforcement or the Department of Children & Family Services.

As soon as the Center receives notice of a report, our staff contacts the family to begin services.

Forensic Interviews

  • Conducted in a comfortable and child-friendly environment, ensuring the child is comfortable with his / her surroundings.
  • Conducted in a neutral, non-suggestive atmosphere ensuring the integrity of the child’s statement necessary to convict dangerous child sexual predators and child abusers.
  • Conducted by skilled forensic professionals dedicated to helping children in need.
  • Conducted pursuant to a uniform protocol.
  • Conducted with the assistance of a multidisciplinary team: the State’s Attorney’s Office, police agency, the Department of Children & Family Services, Will County Children’s Advocacy Center and medical facility if appropriate.

The reliable videotaped statements that are obtained during the forensic interviews are powerful evidence that will hold up in court, helping prosecutors obtain convictions against sexual predators and child abusers.

Medical Evaluations

  • Physical exams are conducted by medical specialists at Edward Hospital in Naperville using state-of-the-art technology.
  • Consultations are available with medical specialists worldwide utilizing a digital colposcope.


  • Services are available at no cost for children and non-offending family members at our Center.
  • Referrals for additional counseling resources are offered.

Paws 4 Kids

In 2012, the Will County Children's Advocacy Center launched the Paws 4 Kids program that offers furry friendship and canine comfort to children who have suffered the trauma of sexual abuse.

  • JacksonJackson is a 7 year-old, 63-pound yellow Labrador Retriever that is licensed through Therapy Dog International. He is available to welcome children upon their arrival at the Children's Advocacy Center, and he keeps them company while preparations are made for the interview. Jackson is not in the room when children are interviewed, but he stays and plays with siblings and even their parents or caregivers while they wait for an interview to conclude. Jackson helps ease the stress and provides some much needed comfort to children and families.
  • KiwiKiwi is our new, 2 year-old Black Labrador “facility dog”. Shortly after her birth, Kiwi was selected for training as a service dog based upon her temperament, attitude, and interaction with people. Kiwi was donated by Support Dogs, Inc, a national not-for-profit organization accredited by Assistance Dogs International. In March 2016, administrative assistant Cheri Johnson and assistant states attorney Jeff Brown became designated handlers for Kiwi. She will soon provide comfort, compassion, and companionship to children seeking services at the Will County Children’s Advocacy Center. When needed, Kiwi will accompany children as they talk with our forensic interviewer about their abuse.

Other Services

  • Crime Victims Compensation Assistance
  • Court Advocacy
  • General Follow-up Services
  • Community Resources Referrals


State’s Attorney Glasgow and child advocacy professionals are available for presentations to increase community awareness and for the prevention of child sexual and physical abuse.
In 2012, the Will County Children's Advocacy Center launched the Paws 4 Kids program that offers furry friendship and canine comfort to children who have suffered the trauma of sexual abuse.

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Experience working in a multidisciplinary setting and be part of a dynamic culture of professionals who help victims of child sexual abuse to reclaim their lives.
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If you suspect a child is being abused please call the State of Illinois Hotline:


Or call your local law enforcement.