Welcome to the Will County Children's Advocacy Center

The Will County Children's Advocacy Center protects the children of Will County who have been sexually or physically abused.

Who We Are

The Will County Children’s Advocacy Center was established by State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow in 1995 to improve the way child abuse cases are investigated. The center’s staff performs child-sensitive interviews when there are allegations of sexual or severe physical abuse. These interviews are conducted by trained and caring professionals in a non-suggestive, child-friendly environment. The children’s recorded statements have been used in the successful prosecution of hundreds of child predators.

The Will County Children’s Advocacy Center is a 501-c-3 Non-Profit agency.


Helping Victims

When there is an allegation of abuse, children come into contact with complex law enforcement, medical and child welfare systems that can be frightening and bewildering. At the Children's Advocacy Center, children who have suffered abuse can tell their stories to trained professionals in a non-threatening, non-suggestive environment. The goal is to reduce the child's trauma by obtaining their statement in a one-time, videotaped interview. The Children's Advocacy Center guides children and familes through the interview process and provides critical follow up assistance after a family leaves the Center.

The Children's Advocacy Center provides services to children who are victims of sexual abuse and severe physical abuse, including child sensitive interviews for law enforcement purposes, counseling, medical exams, legal advocacy and community resource referrals.

In 2012, the Will County Children's Advocacy Center launched the Paws 4 Kids program that offers furry friendship and canine comfort to children who have suffered the trauma of sexual abuse.

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Experience working in a multidisciplinary setting and be part of a dynamic culture of professionals who help victims of child sexual abuse to reclaim their lives.
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If you suspect a child is being abused please call the State of Illinois Hotline:


Or call your local law enforcement.